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Ink Details

Our inks for X-BAR support the 1200 x 600 resolution delivered by the piezo print module, which is designed with micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The inks offer increased quality and speed while also significantly lowering the cost per page.

Kao produces various standard and customized aqueous-based, curable, and pigment polymer formulations for high-speed, high volume, single-pass printing applications.

Common Applications

Food and pharmaceutical packaging Flexible plastic and metallic foil packaging
Direct mail Labelling


Available X-BAR Ink Formulations

Water-based dye

  • Black
  • Spot Colour

Contact us about Water-Based Dye Inks

Water-based pigment

  • Black
  • Spot Colour

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  • Black
  • Spot Colour

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  • Black
  • Spot Colour

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Inks for X-BAR deliver high durability.


X-BAR inks keep the printhead running at peak performance and reduce downtime.

Outstanding Performance

Our X-BAR inks deliver exceptional printing performance on porous bond cardboard and paperboard substrates.



Kao strives for production and manufacturing methods that reduce their impact on the environment. Our inks formulated for X-BAR printheads contribute to increased sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our UV-curable and EB-curable inks have no emissions of VOCs.

Learn About Our Sustainability Commitment