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Common Applications

MOF Inks are Sustainable Inkjet Inks used primarily for

  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging


Benefits of MOF Inks

A replacement for petroleum-based inks

MOF inks from Kao have been engineered as a direct replacement for petroleum-based inks to meet European food safety standards and reduce the carbon footprint of inkjet printing production.

No hazardous pollutants (HAP)

Our MOF inks don’t contain mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH).

Near-zero VOCs

With near zero VOCs, MOF inks eliminate the release of greenhouse gases, making it safer for the workplace and the environment.


As MOF inks are not petroleum-based inks which contain inorganic compounds with heavy metals and minerals, they are biodegrade and suitable for industrial composting.


Available MOF Inkjet Inks

MOF inks from Kao are available for use in the following piezo printheads:

  • Seiko
  • Xaar
  • Konica



Kao strives for production and manufacturing methods that reduce the impact on the environment.

Our MOF eco-friendly inkjet inks are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional oil-based inkjet inks, offering high performance on porous substrates such as corrugated cardboard and other paperboard materials.


Bulk Supply Available

While the cartridges are refillable, Kao offers MOF inks in various sizes and bulk supply to provide a simple and flexible alternative to single inkjet cartridges for high-volume printing applications and improve bottom-line results.


Custom Ink Formulation

Please browse our catalogue of standard inks. If you’re unsure which ink is best for your application, please send us a sample of your substrate. An ink technician will promptly and thoroughly evaluate your needs and make an ink recommendation to match the printhead model and substrate. If one of our standard inks doesn’t meet your needs, our experienced chemists will customise one that will meet your requirements and specifications.

Custom Ink Formulation Services. External Link. Opens in new window.

*These Bio-based MOF inks are produced by Kao and have undergone extensive lab and production testing. Third-party regulatory compliance testing may also be necessary for evaluating ink migration.