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Engineering Partner Elevating Your Brand

We at Kao produce and supply private-label or custom formulated inks for inkjet printing OEM partners and manufacturers in multiple industries and markets. Through ongoing production and rigorous R&D, we strive to help brands by supporting and sustaining your inkjet printing supply chain.

Our white-labelled ink manufacturing service offers you flexibility, whether you need to specify your ink’s performance requirements and ingredients, or you decide to choose from our range of available inks already customized to match your technology and specific printing needs.

Inks with Quality & Reliability

Kao can ensure your ink performs on even the most challenging substrates and endures extreme environmental conditions.

Custom Printing Applications

Our chemists make sure your private ink is formulated to be compatible with the inkjet technologies you use and suitable for your specific printing applications.

Colour Matching

Through precise engineering of your ink’s dyes, pigments, or other colour components, we ensure your ink stays true to the visual essence of your brand.

Any Inkjet Technology, Multiple Formats

All of the contract-manufactured thermal inkjet inks offered by Kao are supplied in factory-new original cartridges to ensure printing-system compatibility and performance.


Inks For a Variety of Printing Applications

Marking and Coding | Narrow Web Printing | Textiles | Cardboard | Packaging and Labelling | Wide-format


Supported Inkjet Printing Technologies

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) | Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) | Piezo DOD


Multiple Ink Types and Printheads

Ink Types


Water-based Ink FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink
Oil-based Ink Funai Ink
Solvent-based Ink HP Ink
LED-curable Ink Kodak Ink
UV-curable Ink Konica Minolta Ink
EB-curable Ink Kyocera Ink
Security Ink Ricoh Ink
SII Printek Ink
Xaar Ink


Bulk Supply Packaging and Systems

Kao’s Bulk Supply Station for HP and Funai industrial printers provides a simple and flexible alternative to single inkjet cartridges for high-volume printing applications. These gravity-fed bulk ink supply systems offer numerous efficiencies that improve bottom-line results.

More About Our Bulk Supply Station