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Choosing the Correct Inks

Determining the best ink for digital or flexographic printing requires more than matching one or more possible inks to your substrate. Our chemists look at the entire lifecycle of the product, from the supply chain to the end user for testing and colour matching.


Testing Performance and Validating Results

Through industry-standard testing, our lab experts ensure that inks from Kao deliver quality and performance for printers, including:

  • Tape adhesion testing
  • Abrasion testing
  • Scratch-testing to identify delamination
  • Cracking or splitting of ink testing
  • Formulation Specs
    • Chemical Composition
    • Filtration
    • Shelf Life (1 Year Accelerated aging)
    • Viscosity
    • pH
    • Absorbance (Color)
    • Surface Tension (Static & Dynamic)
  • Print Quality and Performance
    • Dry Time
    • Optical Density
    • Runability
    • Dot Gain
    • Dot Integrity
    • Mean Time to Failure
    • Drop Visualization
    • Decap


Problem Solving

Kao partners with you to understand changes impacting production. We perform surface tension testing for inks and substrates, and evaluate for surface contamination and substrate mismatch from manufacturing changes.


Production Assistance

Whether you need support for troubleshooting, instructions, controller software settings, firing parameters, printhead refurbishment, ink formulation services, or help diagnosing a more complex issue, Kao is ready to help with expert solutions.

  • Best practices for routine functions
  • Inkjet Service and Cleaning 
  • Cartridge maintenance and handling
  • Easy-to-follow guides that may resolve and/or prevent ink problems.


Need technical support?

We’re here to help. Our team has experience, knowledge, and a commitment to finding a solution to your problem.

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