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Ink Details

Kao produces various standard and custom UV- and LED-curable fluids for Xaar piezo inkjet printheads. Xaar printing technology is often used in labelling, direct-to-shape printing (DTS), packaging printing, and printing onto building materials.


Common Applications

Wide-format graphics and signage Industrial coding and marking
Ceramics, glass, and building materials Apparel and home textile


Available Xaar Ink Formulations



  • Black
  • CMYK (process)
  • Spot colour


  • Black

UV and LED Curable

  • UV curable CMYK
  • UV curable spot colours
  • LED curable CMYK
  • Low Migration UV/LED Curable CMYK
  • Invisible UV



Inks are durable on non-porous substrates such as film, metal and glass.

Higher Viscosities

We offer a wide range of ink fluids with varying viscosities and pigment densities.


Xaar inks offer unrivalled reliability in harsh environments.   

Outstanding Performance

Inks offer high performance with outstanding lightfastness and rapid dry time.



Kao strives for production and manufacturing methods that reduce their impact on the environment. Our formulated inks for Xaar printheads contribute to increased sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Learn About Our Sustainability Commitment