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Ink Details

Kao offers water-based, solvent-based, oil-based, UV curable and LED curable inks for Kyocera industrial printing systems. Polymer-based ink formulations are designed to fit the needs of industrial and commercial printing applications.


Common Applications

Since 2009, Kyocera inks have supported a wide range of printing applications, from label printing to backlit printing and more.
Ceramics Documents
Labels/packaging Textiles


Available Ink Formulations


  • Dye black
  • Pigment black
  • Dye CMYK (process)
  • Pigment CMYK (process)
  • Spot colour

Oil Based

  • Black
  • Spot colours


  • Black
  • CMYK colours
  • Spot colours


  • CMYK (Cationic and Free Radical)
  • Spot colours (Cationic and Free Radical)


  • LED curable CMYK
  • LED curable spot colour
  • Electron beam curable CMYK
  • Low Migration UV/LED Curable CMYK

Speciality Inks

  • Invisible UV
  • Invisible IR
  • Visible fluorescent
  • Clear overcoat
  • Electron beam curable CMYK

Latex Inks

  • Pigment polymer-based CMYK 
  • Pigment polymer-based Spot Colour



Printing on More Non-Porous Substrates

Kyocera inks enable printing on a wide range of materials, including PVC, Teslin, Tyvek, synthetic and PP synthetic, and foil, without the need for pre-coating.

Dries Quickly

Kyocera inks dry instantly. Printers can send short-run jobs with short turnaround times to the next production step immediately after printing. No waiting or hassles.


Prints with Kyocera ink withstand prolonged exposure to bright light or direct exposure to the sun. The image stays vibrant, making them outstanding.



Kao strives for production and manufacturing methods that reduce the impact on the environment. We have custom formulated Kyocera inks that contribute to increased sustainability.

LUNAJET – This nanodispersion water-based inkjet ink is eco-friendly and specifically designed for printing on flexible packaging, thin films and other non-porous materials.

Learn more about eco-friendly LUNAJET


Bulk Supply Available

While the cartridges are refillable, Kao offers Kyocera inks in various sizes and bulk supply to provide an alternative to single inkjet cartridges for high-volume printing applications and improve bottom-line results.


Custom Ink Formulation

Please browse our catalogue of standard inks. If you’re unsure which ink is best for your application, please send us a sample of your substrate. An ink technician will promptly and thoroughly evaluate your needs and make an ink recommendation to match the printhead model and substrate. If one of our standard inks doesn’t meet your needs, our experienced chemists will customise one that will meet your requirements and specifications.