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Ink Details

Security inks offer manufacturers and consumers greater confidence by protecting them from piracy or product tampering. Governments can fight fraud and counterfeiting by incorporating our security inks into official travel documents, currency, and tax stamps or labels. The inks we offer provide different security features with a range of applications.


Common Applications

Security inks are widely used for industrial printing on porous and many non-porous substrates used in consumer goods, the pharmaceutical industry, and increasingly in supply-chain management. Some typical printing applications for security ink include:

Food packaging Tax Stamps
Documents Anti-counterfeiting of designer products
Pharmaceutical packaging Documents
Gaming tickets


Invisible and Fluorescent Inks

The need for printing with invisible and fluorescent inks to prevent fraud and conform with regulations for consumer safety is driving increasing interest in these aqueous inks, many of which can be used with TIJ, piezo and CIJ inkjet printing systems. These versatile dye-based inks print on offset and coated stock without optical brighteners.

Security Characteristics

We offer a range of fluorescent colours:

  • Invisible fluorescent ink
  • Visible fluorescent ink
  • Ultraviolet invisible ink
  • IR invisible ink
  • UV longwave and shortwave ink
  • Lightfast and non-lightfast ink


Invisible Ink for Piezo Technology

This dual-wave, water-based dye ink is formulated for Kyocera and Samba-based technology. It is suitable for paper substrates and facestock without optical brighteners.


Taggant Inks

These customizable security inks incorporate Honeywell Authentication Technologies. The ink features a high-end security pigment that provides the lock-and-key functionality when combined with a detector calibrated for the specific ink formulation. The security feature is undetectable with a microscope, ultraviolet or infrared light, but the ink prints like any other ink.

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