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Multiple Fluids and Solutions Available

Kao uses the highest quality raw materials and compounds to produce the ink formulations that meet the specific technical specifications. Our chemists and engineers rigorously test the inks, ensuring ink solutions meet our customer’s quality expectations. We apply the same stringent testing methods that we use for our Kao ink formulations.


Worldwide Distribution and Supply

With our facilities conveniently located around the world, Kao ensures that customers ordering contract-manufactured inks can rely on our global distribution network to maintain their ink supply with ink products that are delivered on-time.


Custom Ink Formulation and Production

For brands seeking a manufacturing partner to both formulate and supply industrial printing inks through private-label packaging, Kao also offers ink formulation services through our worldwide team of experienced chemists who can customise your solution’s parameters or performance characteristics to engineer the exact ink for your application and substrate.

More About Our Custom Ink Formulations