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Ink Details

Our catalog of water-based ink solutions for digital and flexo systems deliver high performance, eco-friendliness, and sustainability.

Water-Based Piezo Inks

Kao offers a wide variety of high-speed, water‑based inkjet inks for Piezo DOD printheads. Dye‑based and pigment‑based CMYK ink sets are available for porous and lightly-coated materials. Our chemists also create specially-formulated inks.

Common Applications

Printing documents Printing on non-glossy paper and corrugated cardboard
Printing on wood and lumber Printing on coated substrates

Available for These Piezo Printheads

Dimatix | Konica Minolta | Kyocera | Ricoh | X-BAR


Water-Based Thermal Inkjet Inks

Our water-based thermal inkjet inks include hundreds of variations of dye‑based, pigment‑based, and dye/pigment hybrid formulations. These aqueous‑based inks are well-suited for a wide variety of printing applications.

Common Applications

Mailing Packaging
Security Ticketing
Labeling Other special industries

Available for These TIJ Printheads

Funai | HP


Water-Based Continuous Inkjet Inks

Throughout the years, Kao has manufactured many standard and custom inks for Kodak and other continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing systems that provide high image quality, durability, and reliability for printers in various industries.

Common Applications

Transactional Documents Lottery and Gaming
Direct Mail Packaging

Available for These CIJ Printheads




Eco-friendly Inkjet Ink for Flexible Film


LUNAJET is a water-based, pigmented inkjet ink that uses a proprietary technique known as nanodispersion. It is especially suited for printing on flexible film substrates. Besides being safe for food packaging, eco-friendly LUNAJET produces extremely low amounts of VOCs, which significantly lowers its impact on workspaces and the global environment.

No UV curing. No odors. No damage to the substrate.

Common Applications

Beverage squeeze bottles Thin films
Resealable flexible food packaging Glossy paper

More About LUNAJET Ink




Water-based inks are entirely free of PVC resin or plasticisers and are also entirely free of harmful ozone-depleting chemicals and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Safer for Health (Non-Toxic)

Free from harmful chemicals, water-based inks are safe not just for the environment but for employees. There are no harsh chemicals or solvents that the user can inhale.

Higher Quality Prints

Because they sit deeper within porous substrates, water-based inks can produce longer-lasting prints with impeccable detail, with much more defined, sharper edges. This includes half-tones and more, making them the perfect choice for printing intricate, detailed designs.


Water-Based Flexo Inks

The many flexo water-based high-performance inks handle high-speed printing of substrates ranging from corrugated cardboard to biodegradable films, which takes our IDROSTAR* OK COMPOST ink.

Common Applications

Corrugated boxes Flexible packaging
High-gloss paper labels Low weight paper
Food packaging paper Films

*The IDROSTAR OK COMPOST flexo ink has been certified by TÜV® Austria.



Kao focuses on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have been agreed upon and adopted by the international community. To realize a more sustainable society, our SDGs set forth an integrated approach for improving the environment, society, and economy.

At Kao, we assure our customers and stakeholders with a powerful and straightforward commitment: Our water-based ink solutions can deliver the same performance as solvent-based products at comparable costs along with VOC reduction, increased health and safety at the workplace,  and a reduced carbon footprint.

Learn More about Our Commitment to Sustainability