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How Kao is Driving Change

Kao engages with customers to listen and learn about the evolving industry expectations and requirements of consumers, environmental groups, and regulatory organisations. These insights help us to formulate eco-friendly inks and printing solutions that prioritise sustainability and environmentally-responsible corporate partnerships.

With an increasing focus on packaging, paper, and textile waste, our manufacturing operations have become engaged on several fronts. We evaluate new substrates, eco-conscious packaging, and advances in recycling technologies and recycling services.

Better Packaging for the Environment

The Kao Corporation, for example, redesigned packaging in order to reduce the plastic required without compromising the integrity or safety of the product.

Recycling and Printing on Eco-Friendly Substrates

Kao promotes printing on recyclable substrates and utilises a rigorous chemical recycling process as part of sustainability best practises, while also encouraging industrial printers to print on organic and compostable products rather than plastic.


The Why and How of Sustainable Inkjet Printing

In a circular economy, the goal is to eliminate waste and maximise the continual use of resources. For the printing industry, Kao focuses on creating a more sustainable, greener printing process that considers inks, materials, production efficiency, waste, and recycling:

  • Reducing VOC emissions through printing technology and printheads
  • Using more water-based inks and mineral-oil-free inks
  • Using sustainable printing equipment for curing, drying, and process efficiencies
  • Eliminate carbon footprint of transportation and materials
  • Energy usage management by reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sourcing lighter paper
  • Using less ink when printing
  • Reducing overall waste