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Inks for Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printers

We produce inks for HP and Funai for printing single inks, spot colours and process (CMYK) colours. Our inks for these technologies are widely used for marking and coding, wide-format printing, mailing, packaging, labelling and more. We offer customization for colour matching and specific ink characteristics.

HP TIJ Technology

We offer both water-based and solvent ink for HP systems and OEM equipment that relies on this technology, the single most widely used inkjet technology for printing on a wide range of products in diverse manufacturing settings.

Kao’s HP inkjet portfolio is based on field-proven TIJ technology, chosen because it is clean, easy to use, reliable, and lower VOC emissions.

HP’s thermal inkjet technology provides high-resolution barcodes, logos, and alphanumeric
text with a reliable, no-maintenance, easy-to-use, snap-in and snap-out configuration. It prints superb text and image quality at high speeds across a wide range of substrates.

Funai TIJ Technology

Kao offers both water-based ink and solvent ink for Funai systems and OEM equipment that relies on Funai printhead technology. Funai has doubled the throw distance for printing on curved non-porous substrates for marking and coding.

High-quality ink and a larger drop size make it possible to print on curved surfaces and recessed surfaces like the bottom of a beer or soda can. Funai’s cartridge prints flawlessly on curved plastic bottles or glass jugs.

The enclosed cartridge reduces VOC emissions by up to 90%.

High Contrast Inks for Smooth and Dark Surfaces

Only special inks achieve high-contrast markings on dark and non-absorbent surfaces. For this purpose, we have developed highly pigmented solvent inks that are particularly suitable for marking smooth materials such as plastics, rubber or metals. These inks enable high-resolution printing results that are particularly resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and UV radiation. These ink characteristics are especially suitable for printing applications in the electronics, automotive and plastics industries.


Durable Black Inks

Kao’s black ink prints on a wide variety of materials, saving you costly ink replacements. The HP-based ink adheres to materials that are coated with cleaning agents or liquids. In addition to the abrasion resistance, it impresses with its intensive opacity: applications in the chemical industry are just as possible as the use in cleaning facilities. Longer decap times reduces downtime and maintenance.


TIJ Solvent Inks Available in Bulk

Our bulk ink supply system for thermal inkjet printers, suitable for high ink consumption applications, can now also process solvent-based inks, extending the possible applications for TIJ printing on smooth materials such as plastic, glass or metal. Kao’s intelligent bulk ink system enables uninterrupted and cost-effective, high-speed inkjet printing, reducing costs and minimising expensive, time-consuming cartridge changes.

  • Large ink supplies minimise operator interventions.
  • Advanced electronic functions enable designers to build in ink level monitors and signals to provide uninterrupted printing during extended runs.
  • Ink cartridges and ink supplies can be changed independently./li>
  • Ink supplies can be hot-swapped.


Supporting TIJ Printing Applications

Thermal inkjet printers are commonly used in various printing applications within industries such as FMCG consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, textiles, eCommerce, and more.

Common Non-porous Materials

Common Porous Materials

  • Cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles and jugs
  • Foils
  • Blister packaging
  • Paper transactional documents
  • Wide-format cardboard
  • Direct mail
  • Labels


Standard Inks and Custom Formulations

Please browse our standard inks. If you’re unsure which ink is best for your application, please send us a sample of your substrate. An ink technician will promptly and thoroughly evaluate your needs and make an ink recommendation to match the printhead model and substrate. If one of our standard inks doesn’t meet your needs, our experienced chemists will customise one that will meet your requirements and specifications.

Contact us about Custom Formulations