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We incorporate the mission and vision of the Kao Corporation, called the “Kao Way,” which strives for wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally while contributing to the sustainability of the world. That corporate philosophy forms the foundation for all of our business activities.

We believe that our customers drive innovations and solutions.

Kao delivers local services through a worldwide presence.


Expanding Products and Services for our Customers

The Kao Corporation is a global manufacturing leader with a product portfolio that includes inks, chemicals, and consumer products. This variety of expertise allows Kao to leverage our knowledge, research, and experience from all divisions to develop solutions that deliver results when others are unable.

Our customers benefit when they can access these readily available ink products and services. More importantly, our customers get the support they need by connecting with Kao’s helpful experts, who have many years of experience supporting all aspects of industrial inkjet printing.

Kao Supports Worldwide Industrial Production

  • Stronger supply chain support
  • Efficient access to all inks and services
  • Support decentralized production and manufacturing
  • Faster custom solutions
  • Greater flexibility to support changing business conditions


Get to Know the Companies of Kao

Kao Corporation Chemical Business – The Kao Corporation started by making soap 130 years ago. In the 1970s, the company created a de-inking solution to support recycling. Later the company began producing ink pigments, and then inkjet inks. More About Kao Corporation Chemical Business

Kao Chimigraf – Founded in 1970, the Barcelona-based company quickly developed a strong reputation in the EU and around the world for the range of water, solvent, curable and oil-based inks. More About Kao Chimigraf

Kao Collins – Centrally located in Cincinnati, United States, the company has convenient access to major transportation systems. Kao Collins began manufacturing inkjet inks for OEMs in 1990. More About Kao Collins