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Inkjet Clear Coatings

Post-printing clear coating enhances the aesthetics of packaging, labelling, direct mail, and other products. Coatings can add a glossy appearance to a matte finish or the opposite, adding a matte finish to a glossy ink surface. Our coatings add to the finished product’s print durability to increase lightfastness and scratch and rub resistance. Coatings may create a barrier to reduce ink migration.*

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Inkjet Primers

Pre-coating with Kao inkjet primers improves the surface adhesion and durability of inkjet inks. Our primers extend the range of substrates that can be printed with a single type of ink. Ink-receptive primers improve print quality with increased drop sharpness. When ink absorption for porous substrates is a concern or enhanced adhesion for non-porous substrates using curable inks, our primers improve results.

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CIJ Replenisher Make-up fluids

Kao supports high-speed continuous inkjet printing systems with superior quality replenishers and make-up fluids. We offer various packaging sizes to meet your production needs.


  • Maintains ink consistency, specifications, and performance
  • Ensures optimal printing results
  • Lower downtime and maintenance

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Flushing Solutions

Kao produces flushing, cleaning, and ink-storage solutions for industrial inkjet printing using piezo technology that help maintain optimal performance of printing and equipment.

  • Aqueous based flush/storage solutions for cleaning and flushing printheads
  • UV/LED flush/storage solution specifically formulated for use with UV/LED curable inks
  • Solvent-based flush used to flush solvent inks and clean printheads
  • Oil-based solution to flush ink from the printhead, wiping nozzle plates, and cleaning ink residue
  • Flush/Storage solution for ink storage and printhead maintenance

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*These inks are produced by Kao and have undergone extensive lab and production testing. Third-party regulatory compliance testing may also be necessary for evaluating ink migration.