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About Kao Corporation Chemical Business, Advanced Printing Solution Business Development.

Kao Corporation Chemical Business, Advanced Printing Solution Business Development is a specialized unit to offer inkjet solutions. Our dominance in the field of inkjet printing solutions allows us to create the best formulae for manufacturing inks and coatings with high optical densities, excellent colour range and superior durability, offering our customers the best results in industrial printing.

  • Water-based inks
  • Solvent-based inks
  • Digital inks
  • Specialty inks


Support Services

We are proud to offer exceptional customer service while producing the best possible solutions for industrial inkjet printers. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure clients are satisfied with inks, parts, service, and technical support for all of their industrial printing needs.

  • Colour formulation and matching
  • Drying speed settings
  • Colourimetric databases
  • Solvent, sliding, abrasion and rolling analysis


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