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Ink Details

Our inks for thin films and flexible packaging produce vibrant colours for product branding and offer the durability necessary to avoid cracking, scratching, or peeling. Kao manufactures inks that conform to regulatory requirements.


Industrial Inkjet Inks for Flexible Packaging and Thin Films

With improved speed and quality, industrial inkjet printing rivals analogue printing for short and long production runs. Flexo printers now incorporate inkjet stations in hybrid production to leverage the benefits of each printing system.

LUNAJET Nanodispersion Water-Based Ink

One of Kao’s latest ink innovations, this eco-friendly, water-based pigment ink produces excellent single-pass CMYKW printing. LUNAJET ink dries fast while also offering durable and dependable results on non-porous flexible packaging. The ink is formulated for Piezo inkjet technology and is often a first choice for industrial printers seeking indirect food-packaging grade ink.



LED-curable Inks

For product printing applications that do not require testing or evaluation for ink migration, our LED-curable inks produce high-quality results without the risk of heat-producing mercury lamps compromising the substrate. Our LED inks incorporate the highest quality photoinitiators and monomers to produce durable results. Formulated for use with Piezo inkjet systems, the inks are available in process and spot colours.

LED-curable Ink


Electron Beam Curable Inks (EB)

EB-curable inks cure instantaneously using high-energy electrons without the need for photoinitiators, making them a viable option for printing food and pharmaceutical packaging. The substrates maintain integrity because the electron-beam curing process produces no heat. Our CMYK inks for Piezo printing systems release no odours and are non-hazardous.

EB-curable Ink


Solvent Inkjet Inks

Our solvent inks for thermal, piezo and continuous inkjet technology can be used for products and applications that do not involve direct or indirect food contact. The inks may be appropriate for marking and coding because of the limited surface area of the ink applied. Our solvent-based dye inks are available in CMYK, spot and black in a range of formulations.

Solvent Inkjet Ink


Flexographic Inks for Flexible Packaging and Thin Films

For long production runs, flexographic printers excel at printing web-fed flexible- and thin-film substrates. Inks are available in water-based and solvent-based formulations for printing on various substrates, including bio-films and compostable materials.

Water-based Flexo Inks

Our water-based flexo inks deliver high durability and water resistance on flexible packaging and thin plastic films. Some formulations feature high-concentration monopigmentary dispersions. An ink in our IDROSTAR series has been certified “OK COMPOST” by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Water Based Flexo Ink


Solvent-based Flexo Inks

These inks support a wide range of printing applications including plastic bags, food packaging, plastic wraps requiring excellent resistance to water, freezing, wet rub, grease, and abrasion. Our eco-friendly NOVACONFORT solvent ink has been certified “OK COMPOST” by TÜV AUSTRIA, making it suitable for printing biodegradable film.

Solvent Based Flexo Ink

*These inks are produced by Kao and have undergone extensive lab and production testing. Third-party regulatory compliance testing may also be necessary for evaluating ink migration.