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We are Moved by Talent and Colour

Our expert chemists and engineers leveraged their expertise to begin producing digital inkjet inks for industrial printing. Companies with both analogue and digital production systems rely on Kao Chimigraf for all their consumable printing needs.

We use only the highest quality pigments, resins, dyes, photoinitiators and other chemical components to manufacture our inks and coatings.

Kao Chimigraf Products and Technical Services

Industrial Inks for Flexo and digital technologies White Label – Private Label Packaging
Implementing Ink Dispensing Systems Technical Consulting and Colour Control
Ink and Substrate Testing Controller Repair

Customers depend on our products, especially for printing on the packaging for industrial and food printing applications. Our inks undergo rigorous laboratory testing and real-world printing assessments to provide  you with the highest quality formulations that meet and exceed expectations.


Get to know the other companies that are part of Kao Advanced Printing Solutions

Kao Corporation Chemical Business

The Kao Corporation started by making soap 130 years ago. In the 1970s, the company created a de-inking solution to support recycling. Later the company began producing ink pigments and then inkjet inks.

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Kao Collins

Centrally located in Cincinnati, United States, the company has access to major transportation systems. Kao Collins began manufacturing inkjet inks for OEMs in 1990.

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