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Meeting the Highest Safety Standards

Packaging for products intended for consumption must meet stringent government regulations to ensure consumer safety. Major brands have also developed strict guidelines for food packaging inks. While independent lab testing is necessary to identify potential issues with ink migration, Kao will work with you to identify and formulate the best inks for your food, beverage or pharmaceutical packaging.


Ink Details

We offer numerous inks for food packaging that work with industrial printers using the three digital printing technologies – Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), Piezo Inkjet (DOD) and Continuous Inkjet (CIJ). Your packaging substrate(s) and printing technology will determine the specific inks to evaluate.

Ink Migration Risks to Consider

  • Violates government, industry, or market regulations
  • Creates serious health and safety risks for consumers
  • Changes product flavour or odour
  • Damages the reputation of the brand and printer


Water-based Food Packaging Inks

Our aqueous inks in both dye and pigment formulations reduce the environmental impact of printing on food packaging. Safe and effective, these eco-conscious inks produce high-quality results on porous substrates.


LUNAJET – Nanodispersion Water-based Pigment Ink

LUNAJET pigment ink is designed for digital printing on food packaging substrates without cracking or peeling, supporting the growing usage of flexible packaging and thin films in the food packaging industry.

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Low-Migration UV/LED Curable

Kao formulates UV/LED curable inks for food packaging where ink migration or odours may be of greater concern. These inks incorporate photoinitiators that offer efficient and complete curing while producing high-quality and durable results on a wide range of substrates.

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Electron Beam Curable (EB) Inks

Non-hazardous EB inks from Kao cure completely without the need of the photoinitiators required in UV- and LED-curable inks. The no-heat curing makes EB-curable inks a profitable, practical, and safe alternative for printing flexible substrates and thin films.

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