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Our Markets

Our main office, strategically located in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., has access to businesses from Canada to South America for reliable distribution. We also rely on distributors who can quickly respond across every region. 

Chemists and engineers at Kao Collins work closely with our customers to expand our offerings in emerging areas like EB curable inks and security inks.


In an attempt to expand our joint portfolio and market reach, we have formed a collaboration with several key partners. 

Kao Collins’ partnership with Colordyne Technologies dates back to December 2018. The collaboration has helped us serve U.S. customers better. We have worked with Colordyne to deliver UV and aqueous pigment inkjet inks for hybrid printing systems in North America and Latin America.

puzzle-pieces-representing-partnershipOur partnership with Maplejet helped launch new technology from Funai that increases the throw ink distance for printing on curved surfaces using our NEXXO ink. 

HP, one of our long-time partners, works with our team on the development of new ink formulations, including SIGMA, a solvent-based ink that offers a 12-hour decap time and 24-month shelf life. 

We will continue fostering strong collaborations to develop inks that value our customers.

Kao Collins Innovation

One of our primary goals is transforming the printing industry. We invest in research and development of innovative inks to address printing challenges in the market and make the impossible possible.

Recent Inkjet Ink Innovations

Products and Services

mixing-chemical-in-kao-labWe leverage the collective knowledge, research, and experience in consumer products. We serve customers on a global scale.

  • Industrial Ink for thermal (TIJ), piezo and continuous printing technology
  • Implementing Ink Dispensing Systems
  • Technical Consulting and Colour Control
  • Ink and Substrate Testing
  • Controller Repair
  • Custom ink formulation
  • Colour matching
  • White Label – Private Label Packaging for OEMs


Group of Hands Holding Mossy EarthAt Kao Collins, we are committed to sustainability. Our business philosophy puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to ensuring a more sustainable world by engaging in activities that align with our consumer’s desire for a more sustainable world. Our efforts are built on three pillars. 

  • Conservation We create quality products that have minimal environmental impacts.
  • Community Among our sustainability goals is to create a society where everyone can live life to the fullest.
  • Corporate Culture Our corporate culture is built on a commitment to manufacture and deliver our products using the least amount of resources and ones that produce the least amount of carbon emissions.

Get to know the other companies that are part of Kao Advanced Printing Solutions


Kao Corporation Chemical Business

The Kao Corporation started by making soap 130 years ago. In the 1970s, the company created a de-inking solution to support recycling. Later the company began producing ink pigments and then inkjet inks.

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Kao Chimigraf

Founded in 1970, the Barcelona-based company quickly developed a strong reputation in the EU and around the world for the range of water, solvent, curable and oil-based inks.

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